Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dear Diary , I'm dead - R.L.Stine

You hold in your hand the key to a shadow world of shivers and screams. Take a step away from the safe, comfortable world you know. Unlock the door to terror. There's always room for one more in..."The Nightmare Room."

That's Alex Smith rushing past you, hurrying home to check out his journal. Why? Because Alex has never written a word in his journal, but yesterday, a mysterious entry appeared in te book--one that told Alex about the future. Alex can't wait to read the journal tonight to find out if there's anything new inside. Too bad he doesn't realize that be opening that book, he's opening the door to..."The Nightmare Room."



R.L.Stine is generally known for his 'horror' writings that give you creeps and goosebumps and this book is no exception.You are gripped in your fear right from the first page and the fear lingers even after you finish the book.

Alex Smith discovers a diary in his room that predicts the future.The diary appears to be a miracle in the initial events but in the follow-up to the climax,the diary starts predicting horrific and blood - chilling incidents.Alex Smith is unable to let go of the monster and is caught in a web of desire and fury.

R.L.Stine really has a knack of terrifying the readers and as he said,his secret is ,

"When the lights fade and the moon rises, anything can happen. The world becomes a carnival of shocks and chills. A whirling merry-go-round that never stops, spinning faster and faster, taking you on a frightening ride. I'm R. L. Stine, don't fall asleep... or you might find yourself in The Nightmare Room."
Now that will sure make us cry for our lives!!! 


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