Friday, 27 July 2012

It's first love...Just like the last one! - Sachin Garg

Love stories.

Girl meets boy. Boy eyes the girl.

She is fair, has dark eyes & beautiful hair; the whole college loves her. He is tall, dark and has the cutest dimples.
They are a perfect couple. They fall in love.
Endless phone calls, pointless blushes, constant sweet nothings.
Everybody is jealous of them but they are too busy being in love. .. Right?


Real love is a lot more complex.

Sachin Garg, opens his heart, and shares the story of the twentieth year of his life.

It s First Love.. is the story of five people and how they end up transforming completely over a period of a year.

Sachin. Kanika, Arshi. Radhika. Zeeshan.

Sachin Garg, a guy freakishly similar to you or a guy next to you. He is a perfect blend of tall, dark and handsome. He is tall, and he is handsome when it is dark.

Kanika Merchant, a fireball of energy on the outside, but a mystery on the inside. On the face of it, she wakes up every morning and thinks what she is going to wear today. But a thousand secrets lay hidden behind that smile.

Arshi, more like a bad mouthing MTV Roadies contestant, than a regular college student. What will make her transform completely as a person, in a single second?

Radhika Merchant, a successful TV journalist, an achiever par excellence and yet so hollow. How will she bring her own downfall?

Zeeshan, a useless man, lives in a dusty broken house in a dingy lane. In reality, he is a doctor who has seen tougher times than most people do. What is his story?

Lose your heart to their story and in the process, get to know everything about your love life you were never able to figure out.


Sachin Garg

The book was ok.A tale that every college guy can relate to.Infact its a tale that every college student can pen down by himself.Such an easy and simple narration yet vivid.Sachin is a fair guy who falls in love with Kanika who falls in love with Niel.Sachin's friend Arshi loves Sachin and Zeeshan loves Kanika as well! Now that is a real mess and the story proceeds on how Sachin wins Kanika's heart.The only valuable part of this book is when Kanika's mother,Radhika dies of AIDS.The author has beautifully created an awareness about how AIDS can affect you even through infected syringes.

The rest of the story is as usual.Lots of romantic moments are shared between the characters.Zeeshan is showed as a bright guy who fails in love and hence hates life.Kanika is unable to decide on her future - a pretty indecisive girl.Arshi is a modern city girl, Niel - a modern city guy.The author has portrayed characters you see around you everyday.

Nothing so special about the story.Just a good read for a lazy day.

Rating: 2.1/5


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    1. Hi Mr.Verma,it'll be a pleasure for me to review your book.I have ordered your book as soon as I saw your mail.I'll finish it and then write my review.It'll be my privilege to see my review in your fanpage.Looking forward to that.I'd be really happy if I get more followers for my blog.


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