Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Too Had a Love Story - Ravinder Singh

Do Love stories ever die?

Can modern day gadgets like Mobile phones and the ‘http:\ www’ era of Internet bring you the love of your life?

You haven’t met her earlier, but commit to marry. Will you still call this a love marriage?

And what if on the engagement day while you pull the ring out from your pocket, you realize what you planned was just a dream which never comes true…?

How would you react when a beautiful person comes into your life, becomes your most precious possession and then one day goes away from you…forever?

Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet they are beautiful in their own way. Ravin’s love story is one such innocent and beautiful story. He believes love stories seldom die. They are meant to stay for the generations yet to come and read them. And given that one chance to narrate his love story, this is how he began…

I remember the date well : 4th March 2006. I was in Kolkata and about to REACH Happy’s home. I had been very excited all morning as I was going to see our gang of four after three years.

Review :

Ravinder Singh

 A heart - breaking true love tale that leaves almost everyone in tears. The past tense in the title intrigues the readers. The quote 'To the memory of the girl whom I loved and yet could not marry' and the occasional one liners like 'She died, I survived and since I survived, I died everyday' makes the readers cry for Ravin. Ravin's true love for Khushi is well portrayed.The various incidents during their short but joyful love life can be related to one's life easily.Be it Ravin's uneasiness when he meets Khushi for the first time or Khushi's ecstatic feeling a day before her wedding, the author gets a thumbs - up.The climax moves even the stone - hearted and the final 30 - 40 pages are sure to leave your pillows wet.

The fact that the writer does not make any effort to impress the readers with lofty words and articulations point to the honesty of the writer s feelings. The writer has summed up the essence of his story in the most appealing terms. 'Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it.' Those for whom love is the most beautiful feeling above human definitions and parameters the book will make for an ever cherished experience.

Rating :4/5

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