Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Rozabal Line - Ashwin Sanghi

A cardboard box is found on a shelf of a London library where a copy of Mahabharata should have been. When the mystified librarian opens it, she screams before she falls unconscious to the floor. An elite group calling itself the Lashkar-e-Talatashar has scattered around the globe, the fate of its members curiously resembling that of Christ and his Apostles. Their agenda is Armageddon. In the labyrinthine recesses of the Vatican, a beautiful assassin swears she will eliminate all who do not believe in her twisted credo. In Tibet, Buddhist monks search for a reincarnation while in strife-torn Kashmir, a tomb called Rozabal holds the key to an ancient riddle. Father Vincent Sinclair, has disturbing visions of himself and of people familiar to him, except that they seem located in other ages. He goes to India to piece together the violent images burnt onto his mind. Shadowing his every move is a clandestine society, which would rather wipe out creation than allow an ancient secret to be disclosed.

Ashwin Sanghi


This is one of the best novels I have ever read and I am proud that it was written by an Indian. He is India's answer to people who think Chetan Bhagat style is the only style encouraged in India.A thriller right from the start,this book takes you across centuries and continents and traces back to the origin of religion itself.The mysteries are revealed and history - changing truths are unearthed.

A lot of characters,a lot of incidents,a lot of happenings that connect to one another confuse the readers but the confusion only gives way to more suspense.I liked the way he gave detailed references to all his research at the end of the book.

A book rich in world history,philosophy and science.I never expected such a package when I first bought the book.The terrorists and their mysterious resemblance to Jesus and his disciples,the truths unveiled through regression sessions,the conspicious murders make up for a nail - biting finish.

A must - read book for everyone.


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