Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Sky Is Falling - Sidney Sheldon

The Winthrops are America's royal family, and its Prince Charming is the sexy, charismatic Gary Winthrop. Now the man on his way to becoming the Senate's brightest new star is found murdered in his home-the latest in a series of incidents that have killed five members of the family in a single year. One of the last people to see Gary Winthrop alive is Washington anchorwoman Dana Evans. She makes it her mission to investigate these seemingly random tragedies, little realizing that her search will sweep her across several continents, place her and her young son in grave danger, and lead her to a truth that will astound the world.

Sidney Sheldon


A fantastic read.In a normal book,the suspense is about who the killer is.But in this Sidney's masterpiece,the suspense builds right from the start on whether the consecutive deaths are murders are just a co-incidence.The character Dana Evans is portrayed with a surgeon's precision and I would love to meet such a character in real life.The cute love between Dana and Jeff, Jeff's concern for his ex-wife Rachel while she is in trouble are all simple things that make up this master-piece.The secret Plutonium manufacturing city which is claimed to be 'real' by the author gives the readers creeps.Dana is being followed by strangers without her knowledge and that adds to the tension.There is no way one could find the real criminal till Sasha is murdered.

I feel the end was a bit rushed through and the climax is far-fetched.However the first parts of the book make up for the quick ending.The five murders and the way Dana goes about her investigation,her actions being monitored by some unknown agents are all typical Sheldon stuff.

A must - read novel for everyone.Please don't miss it.

Rating: 4.1/5

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