Saturday, 18 October 2014

You Must Die !


            Someone was following her.The rear view mirror in her car showed the black limousine again.She had seen that car three times since the morning.The first time it was just a passing car.The second time it was just a coincidence.The third time she could not help but believe she was being followed.But why?

             She reached her apartment and sank into her chair.One week had passed since Anne,one of the greatest family lawyers,had met Kate.Kate had come into her office asking for a divorce.When Anne asked why she wanted a divorce,she became nervous and frightened.

She kept mumbling something and spoke in a rage,"That is none of your business.I want a divorce.Get the papers ready and bring it to my house.My house is at the Alachian hilltop.It is a wooden house with a cock standing on the roof."

             Anne had no idea where Alachian hill was.And since her meeting with Kate,a lot of mysterious things were happening to her.Someone tried to murder her two times.Her house was broken into.And now she was being followed by a black Limousine.Anne wondered if these incidents had to do anything with Kate.She had already lodged a complaint against the murder attempts but the police too were clueless.

           After a lot of thought she decided to have some coffee in a small cafe across the road.As she crossed the road,she noticed the black limousine speeding towards her.Before she could react,she was down on the road in a pool of blood.And moments later she was unconscious.When she opened her eyes,she found herself lying on a hospital bed and someone was sitting by his side.
He said,"Oh wonderful! you have made it Miss Anne.I am Sergeant Robert"

 "Where am I?"

"In the Government Hospital,Miss Anne.You were hit and run by a black limousine.And thanks to a passer-by you were admitted here.He was able to give the number of the limousine and as per our investigation,the man who tried to kill you is the head of a mafia.He heads the wanted list in many countries.He smuggles diamonds in and out of the country.He is an International terrorist .He is Larry and his wife's name is Kate,the one who was found dead three days back.It seems Kate had learned about his husband's real face and hence approached you for a divorce.Larry was furious that his wife had learnt about him and he was afraid she would reveal his identity to the police.That is why he killed her.And then on seeing the divorce papers,he believed that Kate had revealed his identity to you.That is why he tried to murder you three times."And suddenly every piece of the puzzle fell in place.Anne asked,"Where is he now?" "The police are trying hard to find him.And meanwhile it is not safe for you to stay here since your life is at risk.I suggest you come with me right now to a safe place."

             Anne had to accept that the sergeant was right and decided to go with him.Half an hour later,the lawyer and the sergeant were in a police patrol car driving north.

She asked,"Where are we going?"

"I own a house at a hilltop about ten miles from here.You will be safe there."

She felt thankful to the Sergeant.

           After another half an hour of drive, he started mounting a hill.She could see a lone house at the hilltop and guessed it was the house the Sergeant owned.As they reached the hilltop,she caught a glimpse of the house now very near to her and she could see a cock standing on the roof.The next instant, she saw a board reading "ALACHIAN HILL".Anne stared at the board in disbelief and looked around to find an evil grin on the Sergeant's face.The next instant the car stopped infront of the house.To her horror she saw the same black limousine that followed her.She was sick to her stomach.As she turned to her left,she saw a man with a beard standing there pointing a gun towards her.

The Sergeant laughed,"Miss Anne,may i introduce you to Mr.Larry".

The man with a beard  pulled the trigger.


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