Friday, 14 November 2014

Sachin Tendulkar - Playing it 'MY' Way!

   I remember that match clearly. I was only 7 years old, but I did have some knowledge and taste for cricket. It was a time when the Australians ruled the cricketing world, ruthlessly dominating and crushing everyone who came in their way. But that day, things were about to change. A batsman named Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar starting hitting the likes of Kasprowickz and Warne to all parts of the ground.(Of course he had played a few scintillating knocks earlier, but that was the first time I saw him play). The Australians were left baffled as Sachin finished with two centuries in that tournament and single-handedly taking India to victory. For me, that was the rise of the batsman, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

    From then on, this man has grown from strength to strength, cunningly adapting and improving his technique to suit the needs. The Indian batting mainly revolved around the four stalwarts for the next decade or so and he played a major role in making India a global threat. A perfect gentleman, his on-field aggression with the bat and his on-field cool demeanor fetched him millions of fans as he became India's proudest possession. You ask any child with a stick playing cricket in a dirty street,"What do you want to become?". The reply was prompt. "I want to become like Sachin". Such was his name and fame that people started considering each and every run that Sachin scores as their own. A happy Sachin, a happy India. Yes, he was India's child born to play cricket. Apart from cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has also left behind a rich legacy that is so hard to find in modern cricket. The so-called 'gentleman game' is rich with sledging and abusing now. But Sachin, considered to be one of the greatest ambassadors of cricket never showed his emotions on the field as he led a perfectly controversy-free career. As Kapil Dev rightly said, "The way he has played cricket over the years, he has inspired a generation to play cricket".

     The whole world knows about his batting prowess as he engraved his name on almost all record books likely to stand the test of time. He stood grounded during his highs and came back strongly during his lows and each time his reply to his critics was with his bat. Though , there was one dream that was constantly denying him - the World Cup. He had never made a secret of his desire for the World Cup. He almost realised his dream in 2003 as he aggregated 673 runs in that tournament. But fate had other plans and he had to content himself with 'Man of the Series' award. But cometh 2011, under the brilliant captaincy of the man with the Midas touch, Sachin touched the World Cup to the excitement and delight of a million fans.

    With the 100th century also coming his way, there was nothing more to achieve and Indian team was in the hands of a bunch of talented youngsters. Sachin  retired from all forms of cricket but the legacy he has left behind, the service he has done to cricket, his charisma will stand tall for the future generations to speak about. His quirky problem with the sight screen, his occasional leg breaks, his boyish smile, his bullet straight drive, his clumsy running will all be missed but Sachin, as a person and a player will keep playing his shots in our hearts forever. SACHI-I-I-I-N.....SACHI-I-I-I-N will keep reverberating in our hearts forever!

  And now, Sachin is back with a bang with his autobiography - Playing it My Way ! Go grab one and relive your childhood!

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