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The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy #3) - Amish Tripathi


Shiva is gathering his forces. He reaches the Naga capital, Panchavati, and Evil is finally revealed. The Neelkanth prepares for a holy war against his true enemy, a man whose name instils dread in the fiercest of warriors. 

India convulses under the onslaught of a series of brutal battles. It's a war for the very soul of the nation. Many will die. But Shiva must not fail, no matter what the cost. In his desperation, he reaches out to the ones who have never offered any help to him: the Vayuputras. 

Will he succeed? And what will be the real cost of battling Evil? To India? And to Shiva's soul? 

Discover the answer to these mysteries in this concluding part of the bestselling Shiva Trilogy.


Amish Tripathi

          Simply failed to meet the expectations. I had huge expectations on Amish after his first two books. He seemed to be living up to his reputation till the final 50 pages of the book.. The author completely lost the plot in the final pages. It was as if he didn't know how to finish the plot and resorted to finishing it in a vague manner. But I take nothing away from the book. the first three-fourth of the book was simply outstanding. The war strategies, Shiva's visit to various lands and his gathering of forces, the revealing of true evil were all worth praising.
      The usual pattern accompanying trilogies is that the first book is a killer, the second book - a plot developer and the final one builds the plot to a crescendo before reaching an apt climax. This trilogy too follows a similar pattern but for the final 10%. Shiva is portrayed as an ideal character throughout the series and his virtues are worth following. What I really loved about this series was the fact that Lord Shiva was shown as an ordinary human being who has his own flaws and occasional mood swings. He is portrayed in flesh and blood, vulnerable and yet eerily strong. I absolutely fell in love with the character.
          The next character Sati - a perfect partner for the all conquering Shiva. She is a rare combination of beauty, intelligence and bravery and her romance with her better half is mesmerising. Again, making her human only serves to make the character more interesting and lively. (Spoiler alert!)The heartbreak at the end is not for the weak-hearted! All other characters like Parvateshwar, Nandi, Anandmayi were beautifully brought out and I must say I have developed immense respect for the author. If only he had come up with a better ending, sigh! I especially loved the philosophical parts where Shiva is enlightened about what is evil and the role of the Somras. Also, the part where Shiva's rage comes forth and conquers everyone on it's path gave me goosebumps.

Overall enjoyed the book but for the final few pages. A must-read!

Rating: 3.7/5

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