Friday, 1 January 2016

15 Things 2015 has taught me...

  1. No matter how rich you are, how many cars and houses you own, you cannot eat money.

  2. The best investment is to invest your time on the right people.
  3. This!

  4. Books are the best stress busters. Feeling frustrated? Lock your room, grab a book and get lost in that heavenly dream.

  5. There is no such thing as keep in touch forever. 
  6. 22 to 27 is the age when we meet many temporary people in our life.
  7. Time erases everything, I mean everything. Even the worst wounds inflicted on us heal with time. 
  8. Everyone is right in their own perspective. There is no such thing as winning an argument. You only lose a friend. 
  9. A year can turn strangers into best buddies and best buddies into complete strangers.
  10. There is no problem that cannot be solved by your parents' advice.
  11. It is better to be alone than with unpleasant company.

  12. When you have moved on,  the golden past fades away into a dream-like fog.
  13. Fail -> learn ->  get up -> dust yourself -> succeed ->  repeat. There is no other shortcut.
  14. Life is a long journey. Take one step at a time. 
  15. It takes a fraction of a second for all of it to end. Be thankful to be alive. 
Welcome 2016!

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