Thursday, 10 May 2012

Anything for You, Ma'am , An IITian's Love Story - Tushar Raheja

As a professor in IIT Delhi is busy with his love, Biobull, a revolutionary bus that will run on human discharge and provide a somewhat funny yet, inexhaustible alternate fuel ... one of his students is busy with his – a girl thankfully.

Tejas Narula’s college misadventures and comic entanglements are a result of the twisted hand of Fate. Follow his journey across the nation to his love, aided only by his own ingenuity and a trustworthy band of friends. Tejas can’t help falling madly in love with his sister’s beautiful best friend Shreya even though she lives at the other end of the nation, in Chennai.And he would do anything for her.Even jeopardize his career to travel the length of the country just to meet her.

Thus begins Tejas’s extremely eventful and humorous journey where Mr. Fate pits him, as only he can, against Professor Sidhu who would do anything to stop him; and conjures a host of interesting characters who travel some part of his journey with him weaving together extremely witty plots.And well, Mr. Fate, it seems, has more roles in his ingenious mind for "Biobull" than just remain a rocking bus.

Tushar Raheja

Review : 

Not worth the time spent on it, I regret having wasted time on it. This book doesn't have anything that I expected, but thank god, it didn't have any sleazy, cheap scenes like the ones of Chetan Bhagat. Coming back to this, its full of wit and humor, rather more than that is necessary in a novel. 

Yes, this one definitely describes a college student's life as it is, and I expected it to go forward and show us what happens afterwards, but it didn't.
Well, if you are reading this book, here are some plus points:
A book written by an author with great sense of humour. Coincidences could have been avoided.I did love the way the author left the novel at the end, but given that, I would love to see the protagonist learn something during his wonderful journey.

Overall, its a time-pass book, better to spend your 100 bucks on this rather than on some hi-fi magazine!

Rating: 1.5/5

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