Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tell Me Your Dreams - Sidney Sheldon

Ashley Patterson is a beautiful, shy, lonely computer whiz, and is convinced she is being stalked. Coworker Toni Prescott is a gorgeous Brit with a penchant for internet dating and little time for anyone else. And Alette Peters prefers her weekends quiet and in the arms of a beefcake artist. They know virtually nothing about each other -- until the three women are linked by a murder investigation that will lead to one of the most bizarre trials of the century.


Sidney Sheldon

Lovely young ladies who work for Global Computer Graphics in Silicon Valley are charged  in the brutal murder and mutilation of five more or less nice men. Although confusing, the evidence against them seems perfect and by the time the case goes to trial we know who done it, but not until the story is nearly finished will we understand why.

Considered to be one of the first books to touch on 'MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER' and the way the author has gone about with an entirely new concept deserves an applause. A must - read book for everyone.

Rating : 4.4/5

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