Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever - Sidney Sheldon

Three young doctors-their hopes, their dreams, their unexpected desires... 

Dr. Paige Taylor: She swore it was euthanasia, but when Paige inherited a million dollars from a patient, the D.A. called it murder. 

Dr. Kat Hunter: She vowed never to let another man too close again-until she accepted the challenge of a deadly bet. 

Dr. Honey Taft: To make it in medicine, she knew she'd need something more than the brains God gave her. 

Racing from the life-and-death decisions of a big major hospital to the tension-packed fireworks of a murder trial, Nothing Lasts Forever lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers.


Sidney Sheldon

As it is always the case in Sidney's novels, the protagonists are all women. This book tells the story of three doctors, from different parts of the world, having different background, different childhood and different dreams but come under the same roof to study medicine. The hectic life of a doctor, their sacred practice and how it has been corrupted are all well-narrated. 

I felt strange after reading this book. I have read lots of Sidney Sheldon but this one is different. Usually Sheldon develops the plot beautifully, sets up all his characters and then finally goes for the kill. But in this book, the plot was missing. I was 3/4th through the book and still could not guess the plot. And suddenly, the case of euthanasia was put up and three pages of court scenes with Barker coming to the rescue of Paige and tada!! Story over. it was as if Sheldon finished the book in a lot of hurry.

Dr.Kat Hunter is portrayed as a self-assured and virtuous lady who has high moral values for herself and values her dignity. The way she toys with Ken Mallory and eventually falls for him are all pathetic. As usual, the man is shown as the villain. I hated Honey Taft from the beginning and continued hating her till the end. I don't know what was the point in giving that character such a negative shade when she could render nothing to the overall plot. To me, one story felt unfinished completely; as though that character was ill-conceived and a last-minute addition. Another character's actions didn't seem congruent with the picture Mr. Sheldon painted of her. 

Nevertheless, the hospital scenes were fantastic. Sheldon literally showed a hospital life before my eyes and I felt like I've been working in that hectic schedule for years. The characters were a bit shallow except for Paige and there were many loose ends..

Sheldon,surely was in a lot of hurry.An off book for the master story teller.But still you could get glimpses of Sheldon's class here and there.

Rating: 2.7/5

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