Friday, 13 December 2013

Vital Signs - Robin Cook

       Pediatrician Melissa Blumenthal will try any scientific method available to conceive--until the horrible secrets of an urban clinic erupt in a nightmare of staggering proportions... 


Robin Cook

      I had really high hopes for Robin Cook after reading 'Mindbend'. But this book never met my expectations. Robin Cook should have sticked to his cup of tea - the medical field. Instead he takes us on a wild goose chase, starting from America to Australia, then to Hong Kong and then to China. And somewhere in the middle, the plot was completely lost. The initial scenes were really wonderful and I felt I had stumbled upon a fantastic book after a long search. But then that joy did not last long.

      The author needed only 2 pages to give answers to all the mysteries that surrounded the hospitals. All the other pages were just covered by chases, murders and travels. What on earth was the protagonist doing travelling all round the globe on a wild goose chase? And even after all those adventures, I never really got my answers. I guessed the plot right from the start and it took the author 400 pages to tell me that my guess was right.

     The characters were loosely developed except for Marissa and Wendy. Three - fourth of the book was like reading some fantasy book. I wonder how such a big treachery were left unnoticed except for a pediatrician. The author surely has written better books.

      Overall, a pretty ordinary book with a promising start that loses its way in the middle.

Rating: 2.8/5

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