Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ebook vs Paperback

          Ever since technology took over our everyday life, as mentioned in this article, debates have been raging over the conservatives and the modernists. Some say, "Old habits die hard" while others say "Make way for new ideas". This article will explore one such debate - the traditional hardbound physical books and the modern, more-sophisticated and easy to carry Ebooks.

1. The Feel

          This is a no-brainer! The feel you get when you hold a paperback or a hardbound book in your hand is simply unmatchable. Reading, as mentioned here, is a delightful experience. The sweet smell of the old and worn-out book, the words printed onto the paper, the rustle when you turn a page - all these play an important role in teleporting the reader to the fiction world.
          On the other hand, ebooks are devoid of any physical components and reading them gives you a feeling of reading any other text message on your phone - only this message is longer and more interesting. So Team Paperback scores here!

2. Eco-friendly
          While paperbacks have a nice feel attached to them, they certainly are not eco-friendly. a research says that 1 ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees! Just imagine the sheer volume of books we print! How many books, how many editions, how many reprints! Phew! The numbers are staggering. Ebooks do save a lot of trees as all they to get published is a set of 1's and 0's. So, the environmentslists will surely advise you to go for ebooks and considering the dire situation of our environment in the recent days, ebooks are the right choice.

3.Ease of use
          Ebooks certainly win in this category. You can literally store and carry  thousands and thousands of books in your mobile phone that can be fit in your pocket. Products like Amazon Kindle and Nook are one-stop place for all reading stuff and help you to save racks and racks of space in your reading room. All the books are just a click away and easily portable. When you bored waiting for your flight, just pull out your mobile phone and get lost in the world of dragons! Just imagine - Harry Potter, The Tale of Two Cities, Gone With The Wind, The FountainHead - all in your pocket! Mind-boggling, isn't it?

4. Gift items

         "It's my birthday. Hurrah! My grandpa has gifted me a Harry Potter box set!" Wow! No words to express the joy of that kid. However easy to use Ebooks might be, there is no substitute for the sheer delight a hardbound book wrapped in gift cover can bring you. Kids unwrapping gift covers on special days and finding their favorite books inside is always a sight to behold. This joy can never be obtained through the modern and more-sophisticated Ebooks.

5. Collectors craze

          Showing off is what people love to do. Don't we all love to show off? And what better way to show off than piling up racks and racks of all-classics? The list goes on - Tale of Two Cities, Ulysses, Hamlet etc. The collectors edition for almost all books are printed solely for this purpose. In this case, showing off a collection of hardbound classics definitely has a greater thrill to it than showing a folder containing 100 pdf files.

         In short, however easy-to-use Ebooks might be, there is still an inexplicable craze for paperback and hardbound books and most probably will remain this way for years to come!

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